Classes & Curricula

2018-2019 RE Curricula at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami

Nursery for children 6 years and younger

Children 6 years and younger will be cared for by two adult teachers in the nursery room. The nursery has age appropriate toys and a wall of ceiling to floor windows overlooking the beautiful forest like grounds and showoffs that visit. The teachers have good standing background checks and CPR and first aid certifications.

RE Curricula for students 7-17 years old

This year’s RE curriculum for youth 7-17 years old is titled “Crossing Paths” and takes the approach of religious pluralism. Instead of claiming that one religion is better than others or that all religions are really the same, this view understands religions as separate systems of belief dealing with distinct human challenges. Rather than seeing all religions as different paths leading to the same mountaintop, this view sees each religion as its own beautiful mountain. Crossing Paths is about exploring a new “mountain” each month, thus our tagline “Many Mountains; Many Paths.”

Map Sunday (Class 1)

This is the Sunday when youth will learn about the basics of the religion they will visit in a couple of weeks. In other words, this is the Sunday we will look over the “map of the terrain.” To learn about the “terrain” of each religion we will use a number of different “lenses.”

Tack Sunday (Class 2)

Explain that this is the Sunday when we will “collect and check our tack.” i.e. pack up our gear. Having reviewed the core components of the focus religion on Map Sunday, the group now adds to their “backpack” an awareness of how that religion and Unitarian Universalism are similar and different. The goal is to begin a conversation that the group will continue the following week with their interfaith hosts.

Summit Day (Class 3)

Explain that this is the Sunday we travel to visit the faith community.
We aren’t just visiting other faith traditions; we are learning how to engage other people of faith, and diversity in general. Crossing Paths doesn’t just fill our youths’ heads with knowledge, it also helps them develop practices and skills that will help them in all aspects of their life. The 8 Practices of Welcoming are: be fully present, be curious, be open to being changed, be comfortable with discomfort, be an appreciative listener, be light-hearted (remember this is fun and play not work), be gentle (mistakes will be made; forgiveness is possible), & be yourself.

Lake Sunday (Class 4)

Explain that this is the Sunday we come back from our travels and “reflect by the lake” i.e. we discuss our takeaways from and reactions to the visit the week before.

Community Service Volunteer Opportunity

The youth will have several opportunities to volunteer in community service projects both at the UUCM and locally. They will receive documentation of their hours for school.

See RE Calendar for date details.

To register your child or for more information please email Barbara Jimenez, Director of Religious Exploration, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.