Meditation & Reflection

Tuesdays 6:30pm- 7:45pm, Emerson Room

Meditation Table

This group, founded in 2008, is grounded on one of the guiding principles of the Unitarian Universalist tradition: the "free and responsible search for truth and meaning" in our lives. The group is lay-led and follows a simple format. We begin with a 15-minute meditation followed by readings and reflective discussions. We close with a final 15-minute meditation. Through sitting silently we learn to focus on the breath to sustain a tranquil and joyful mind. Group discussions are inspired by and open to multiple traditions and insights. In order to maintain respectful discussion, we encourage reflective pauses after readings before moving into thoughtful commentary. We are open to everyone, novice and advanced meditators alike. In support of a peace-loving and ethical community, we invite you to join our circle of inquiry and meditation.