30 Days of Love

The UU Miami Social Justice Committee is inviting every member and friend of UU Miami to participate in 30-days-of-love.  This is a once a year Social Justice opportunity.   The Unitarian Universalist Associations Side With Love campaign hosts this program to provide education and opportunities for Social Action from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to Valentine’s Day. 

Each week will be grounded in a spiritual theme overlapping with one of Side With Love’s intersectional justice priorities, and will feature an array of offerings to help nourish your spirit and give gratitude and affirmation. We invite you to engage with and share these resources as part of your daily spiritual practice, around the family dinner table, in communal worship, in committee meetings – however it feels useful to you and your community. Read more about this year’s weekly themes and the kinds of resources you can expect. 

This first week of 30 Days of Love, our resources focus on the intersections between the spiritual theme of Interdependence and Side With Love’s work on Democracy, Voting Rights, and Electoral Justice. We are delighted to offer you a blessing from the Rev. Duncan Teague, a Time for All Ages from JeKaren Olaoya, a body practice from Katie Resendiz, a prayer from the Rev. Wendy Bartel, a grounding practice from Canedy and our Fun & Spiritual Nourishment Squad, and a reflection on the week’s themes by the Rev. Ashley Horan. See all of this week’s fantastic resources at our website.

Visit our website to learn more and participate in 30-days-of-love.