Covid-19 Vaccine Resources

Below are links to both Jackson’s and Miami Dade’s COVID-19 vaccination appointments.  You will probably want to read what you need to do so you don’t have to think about anything at the last minute.  It’s confusing and you need to move fast as 12,000 appointments are filled in just a few minutes.  Also, the challenge is to pick the time slot you want quickly because if it’s full, it’s hard to pick a different time and get everything done ZAP!
You need the following information:
Phone number
Email address
Date of birth (no one younger than 65 right now unless you’re over 16 and have verifiable health conditions)
When you go in, you’ll also need to answer “did your doctor recommend getting vaccinated?” and have an alternate phone number in case of emergency.  I don’t think it matters whether or not your doctor recommended getting vaccinated, but they need data to understand how to get people to get vaccinated.
Getting the appointment is a nightmare.  Getting vaccinated is a breeze–they are very, very well staffed and the staff is professional.  The needle stick was pain free and for me, my upper arm was a little sore this morning, but that passed quickly.
Here’s Jackson’s website
Here’s Miami-Dade’s website
Here’s how you connect to Mayor Daniella’s twitter feed