Año Nuevo Fire (G)

With 2022 upon us, people across the world will be celebrating and welcoming a fresh start to their lives in their own distinct way. Every Latino country has traditions and rituals it keeps when ringing in the New Year. One of the most interesting traditions is what some people in Latin countries call “Año Viejo,” which translates to “Old Year.” This is where people create dolls or figures out of paper or cloth and light them on fire to burn away all the negative energy associated with the year that is about to end. The puppets can be generic in nature and don’t have to represent anyone specific, but sometimes Latinos will create these characters to depict politicians or celebrities.
This year on Jan 2 at 5 PM come on out to the” back 40 “of UU Miami, write ✍️ down something from 2021 you’d like to burn away. We will burn 🔥 an año viejo effigy and when the fire is low we will jump over the año viejo, celebrating the jump into 2022. We will have a hose nearby and a delightful fire before hand. Please bring a nut-free dish to share. We can enjoy the start of 2022 together. Feel free to bring an instrument to celebrate 🎉 2022 as well!


Jan 02 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm