How Will Compassion Be Now? (YouTube)

Theologian Karen Armstrong said, “But what is compassion? I think the word has so fallen out of our lexicon that people are confused about it. In English people often think it means pity or feeling sorry for people. I gave a lecture in Holland a couple of years ago, and even though I specifically said that compassion does not mean feeling sorry for people, in the Dutch translation of my lecture in the newspaper, every time I mentioned compassion it was translated pity. It’s sort of engrained in us. Or people think it’s a touchy-feely thing, kumbaya. But in fact, it demands, so constantly, that we dethrone ourselves from the center of our world, both on an individual, a communal and a political level and put another there.” In this world of Coronavirus, what does compassion mean now? How do we treat one another with compassion when so many people in this world are fragile, reactive, angry, scared, disconnected?
by Reverend Tom Capo
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Jun 07 2020


11:00 am