RE Kick-Off & Around the World in 7 Puppets (S, YouTube)

Carly Poloskey, our Director of Religious Exploration, will also offer the congregation a preview of coming attractions to the upcoming year of Religious Exploration for Children and Youth.

The Service continues with  Around the World in 7 Puppets by Bezel Evoy

This environmental puppet show’s protagonist saves the earth’s creatures from the Evil Dr. Yove. Our audience will go on a quest and learn about recycling, carbon dioxide and how whales help reduce it, chemically treated plants, and reforestation, preserving our water, and endangered lands. Come support our youth in their quest to be the best earth ambassadors they can be!
During the service, DERM (Department of Environmental Resources Management) will have a short presentation as well.

As a post service surprise for children and youth, there will be a quiz game with prizes, and pizza !

Our August 28 collection is to go towards a school bus that will take a marginalized group of students out to one of the DERM events i.e. endangered lands cleanup or Baynanza.

Sunday Services are held in-person in our Sanctuary and Livestreamed on YouTube


Aug 28 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm