Days Of Love – Week Two

JANUARY  22 – 28



Re-Imagining :: Climate Justice



by Rachel Myslivy

The North Carolina Climate Justice Collective offered a framework for the 4 Rs of Social Transformation for people working on climate:


  • Resist: working against the current systems
  • Reform: working within the current systems
  • Reimagine: envisioning a just new system
  • Recreate: creating models for a  just new system
We need people learning, acting, reflecting in each of the four areas.  One approach is not better than the other; rather, they are complementary and each approach is as important as the other.  Take a moment to think about yourself and the way you approach climate justice… Are you a Reformer committed to policy change?  Do you take to the streets as a Resister?  Do you orient to dismantling and creating new systems?


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Jan 22 - 28 2024


12:00 am - 11:55 pm


Emerson Room