30 Days Of Love – Week Four




Resilience :: Climate Justice



by Rachel Myslivy

The climate crisis isn’t happening in a vacuum. With attacks on Black lives, trans kids, and reproductive justice all in the face of increasing fascism and white supremacy, rampant gun violence, and ongoing pandemic, sometimes it feels like tragedy is everywhere all the time.


And yet, so is love. So is courage. So is resilience.


This week’s theme for 30 Days of Love is Resilience, a value I think is strongly held by climate justice activists all over the world.


Several years ago, I attended a conference on Equitable Deep Decarbonization.  The organizers had us break out into groups according to the 4 Rs of Organizing:  Resist, Reform, Recreate, and  Reimagine.  In small groups, we drew pictures reflecting what we thought it meant to embody one of these values in climate justice organizing. Together, we explored how other values would shore up and strengthen these original four.
For much of my career, I’ve worked in Reform and Recreate.  When I’m most enraged, I’m squarely in Resist.   My heart is nourished when I rest and allow myself to Reimagine. All of these lay the foundation for Resilience



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Feb 05 - 11 2024


12:00 am - 11:55 pm


Emerson Room