What We Realized: Our Congregants Speak about the Pandemic (In-Person & YouTube)

Sunday Services are Livestreamed on YouTube.

by Chris Kirchner, Shae ( Ministerial Intern) and Members of UUMiami

“Netflix is SO worth it.” “Dogs can ride under their owners on a scooter.” “My freezer has more space now that I threw out stuff from 2016.” “Violence and fear still roam American streets.” The realizations that became clear during our year of REMAIN-AT-HOME range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Join us as we share short videos from our congregants about their insights during this strangest of times.
Attention UUMiami Congregants: 

Chris and Shae will be making phone calls to schedule a zoom to ask you in a group these 3 questions that will be aired on May 30. The questions are as follows: What is your silver lining or Any new skills or hobbies have you gained? What surprised you during this time in your personal life? Name a friend, college or family member lost to disease you want to memorialize. Thanks in advance for participating! 

We’re re-opening our spacious Sanctuary for Sunday Service. There is no longer any need to pre-register for Worship Service. We will, instead, have a sheet for you to sign upon entry so that we can do contact tracing if the need arises. UU Miami will follow current CDC guidelines that mandate using masks indoors at all times. Those who are vaccinated may remove their masks outdoors, but the unvaccinated should keep their masks on at all times, both indoors and outdoors. Please respect everyone’s comfort level and physical space. There will be no choir and no singing from the congregation to minimize he spread of air droplets. No food should be consumed inside the Sanctuary. Please bring your own bottles of water to drink in the breezeway. Online worship will continue for everyone who wishes to attend virtually.


May 30 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm