What We Realized: Our Congregants Speak about the Pandemic (YouTube)

Sunday Services are Livestreamed on YouTube.

by Chris Kirchner, Shae ( Ministerial Intern) and Members of UUMiami

“Netflix is SO worth it.” “Dogs can ride under their owners on a scooter.” “My freezer has more space now that I threw out stuff from 2016.” “Violence and fear still roam American streets.” The realizations that became clear during our year of REMAIN-AT-HOME range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Join us as we share short videos from our congregants about their insights during this strangest of times.
Attention UUMiami Congregants: 

Chris and Shae will be making phone calls to schedule a zoom to ask you in a group these 3 questions that will be aired on May 30. The questions are as follows:

What is your silver lining or Any new skills or hobbies have you gained?

What surprised you during this time in your personal life?

Name a friend, college or family member lost to disease you want to memorialize

Thanks in advance for participating! 


May 30 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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