Worship Service – I Don’t Want To Transform!


I Don’t Want To Transform!

Rev. Tom Capo


“Some catalysts can change our lives, but we don’t truly transform. Perhaps we move to a new place, yet are not able to adapt; or we grow old, but we are still attached to physical youth; or realize there’s racial injustice, yet our actions are still colonized. Transforming requires an intentional process of self-discovery where we may find “dark” and hidden parts of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like.” (Written by Veronica in Miami, Julie in Rome and Roxanne in Edinburg, with contributions from Dinner Confidential hosts)
Change is inevitable for all of us throughout our lives, but growth and transformation is not. Why resist transforming? Well, because it’s hard?


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Mar 24 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm