pathway to membership


When you are ready, we welcome you to become a member of our congregation. We seek to support you with a strong community, and for you to support us through a pledge and your active participation. We intend for the Pathway to Membership process to be meaningful, insightful, and easy to accomplish.


  1. Express your interest by telling the Membership Committee co-chair, staff member, or member of our Board.
  2. Orientation
    1. Prepare for our Orientation Class by accessing the many resources we offer (see below), these include online videos about the history of our faith and our contemporary role as a liberal faith, and many other topics; and/or the range of excellent articles and readings we suggest. You are entering a rich faith tradition.
    2. Attend the Orientation. At this interactive discussion, we invite you to share a bit about your own spiritual path – how you’ve come to this point, and also to ask any questions you may have with the Board and Committee members present.
    3. Consider what financial pledge you will make (to be fulfilled through the current fiscal year).
  3. At a New Member Celebration (held quarterly), participate in a short ceremony to celebrate you as a New Member. Sign our Membership Book.


Voices of a Liberal Faith: Unitarian Universalists – video

We Are Unitarian Universalists – full video

People of Faith: Standing on the Side of Love – video

Unitarian Universalism: You’re a Uni What? – video

Unitarian Universalists Reach Out to BGLTQ Youth

Why I’m a Unitarian Universalist – video

History of Unitarian Universalism – A Chaptered Story – video


For questions or more details, contact the UU Miami office at (305) 667-3697.