Children and Teens

Youth Religious Exploration at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami
A well-planned and unique Religious Exploration Program for children and teens is offered to our entire community:
Childcare, ages 0-3 
 Children’s Class, ages 4-11 
 Teen's Class, ages 12-17

Get excited about
Youth RE 2023-2024 Programs!

Our Youth Religious Exploration Program Introduces: 


Have your kids ever wondered about the mysteries of the world? Why do people believe in what they do? Is God real?  Who am I? Our Program, “Spiritual Adventures” hopes to engage their hearts and minds by helping them answer these questions for themselves and discovering a little bit more about others (and themselves). Join our Program, where we’ll discuss family, religion, spirituality, and other existential questions about life. Registration is now open; sign up your young learners for our Sunday morning workshops! Utilizing art, music, critical thinking, performance and creative movement, we will learn and discover sacred places, sacred books, stories, and important people to expand our children’s horizons and connect them to their own inner voices and gain a wider understanding of the world around them.

Our Spiritual Adventures Program is designed for children 4-12 years old. We hope to open young minds in our program to explore these concepts in a way that their developing minds and hearts can understand. We will introduce these ideas and try to answer questions, while creating new questions, and gaining a better grasp of our own humanity and our place in this world. 


And for our older kids, we introduce: 


Is your teen looking to give back to your community but not sure where to start? Hoping to get involved with service learning opportunities that will not just meet requirements for Highs School credits and college admissions but inspire you to make a difference in others lives? UUCM welcomes teens ages 12-17 to join our hands-on learning experiences. Participants will connect with young kids through our “Bigs & Littles” Program, mentoring the youth, while learning along with them. They will also have the opportunity to participate and connect with local Organizations and work to promote LGBTQIA+ equality for all. Opportunities for student-led projects and reference letters for school can be arranged for interested participants.

Our Building “Big” Bridges Program is designed for middle to highschoolers from 12-17, looking to connect with our “littles” and cultivate a mutually beneficial friendship which both parties give to and take away from. It offers new perspectives, and helps to gain a sense of purpose, plus it’s fun!

Learn more about our 2023-2024 curriculum



Sunday, December 10th at 11:00am- 12:00pm in the Sanctuary during Service

This year we introduce an interactive Puppet Show titled, “We Are Here to Change the World”

Our Program will feature music and costumes and address issues like, Social Justice, Climate Change/Conservation, “What do the Winter Holidays mean?”, “”What is family?” and discover things that everyone and what the holidays have in common.  Our story line follows a non-binary orphan and a Charles Dickens inspired story. Your kids in the Religious Exploration Program are developing and preparing a fun and engaging show! Please plan to attend! 


✓ Planned Field Trips (with Rev Tom):
     → Synagogue – @Beth Am (September Date on a Saturday)
     → Pentecostal – @liberal evangelical church (Day in December)
     → Mosque (beginning of New Year)
     → Hindu Temple (in the Spring)
✓ Intergen Game Night & Potluck- Friday, Sept 22nd 6:30-8:30pm
✓ Expressions of Faith & Religion from the Gender Diverse Perspective, Oct. 8th 
(Intergen Service)
✓ Halloween Party, Oct 29th 6:30-8:30pm (Intergen)
✓ Intergen Holiday Crafting, Dec 2nd 6:30pm
✓ Chalica Pageant- Sunday, Dec 10th (Intergen Service)
     → Rehearsal & Pizza Party, Dec 9th 6:30 pm
✓ Winter Solstice Service: Dec 21st 6:30pm
✓ Intergen UU’s Got Talent – Spring Fling, Feb 4th Time TBD
     → Talent Show – in cooperation with Alex, our Music Director
✓ Family Day Picnic: MayDay (with May Pole) April 28th after service
✓ Intergen Youth Service: May 19th
✓ End of School Year Party! June 1st
✓ Additional Events and Field Trips TBD


Dear UUMiami families and friends,

We have been working hard to create and develop our Religious Exploration Program this year and building curriculum from UU resources, and custom building and tailoring a program around those principles and ideas.

As your newly appointed Religious Exploration Director for Children and Youth, I am passionate about engaging with your kids in a thoughtful and meaningful way. I recognize that children are questioning and curious about the world around them. Striving to grasp good from bad, right from wrong, life and living. Growing and evolving into who they will become through the lessons that life will bring.

Throughout History, humankind has strived to bring structure and reason to our Universe through religion and spiritual belief systems. And I hope to open young minds with our program, so that we may explore these concepts in a way that their developing minds and hearts can understand. I will introduce these ideas and try to help them answer questions, while creating new questions, and gaining a better grasp of our own humanity and our place in this world.

I am very proud of our Program and excited to work with you and your kids. I hope to cultivate relationships with you and your families; building relationships with trust, respect, and discovering a mutual appreciation of one another’s beliefs and experiences. I wish to engage and experience different cultures with you, and learn your traditions, and strive to build a better Community with you and your kids… through peace, love and understanding.

I hope that you will be engaged with our Programming, bring your kids to class every Sunday and participate in our planned extracurriculars. YOU are the vital part of the success of our Program and I always welcome your thoughts and involvement with our Program.

Some do’s and don’ts in our Religious Exploration Program are:

→ We don’t teach that there is any single “right” way to think, to believe or to express one’s spirituality

→ We don’t teach that any racial, religious, gender, dis/ability or sexual identity is anything less than whole, holy and good

→ We don’t teach that any single religious or spiritual text is definitive or the authority on how to live a good life

→ We don’t teach that any one person holds infallible answers to the questions of life

→ We don’t teach that certain parts of the human experience like mental health challenges or sexuality are taboo, wrong or shameful

→ We do teach that everyone deserves to search for their truth and that they should freely express beliefs

→ We do teach that each person is inherently worthy of dignity, respect and love

→ We do teach that the words and deeds of wise individuals an inspire and move us to be our best selves

→ We do teach that we work best as a community, helping each other to grow

→ We do teach that the full spectrum of human experience is important for families to discuss openly, in developmentally appropriate ways

Thank you in advance for your involvement in our Program. I look forward to hearing from you. Inquiries of interest can be directed to

Many Blessings to you and your Family…

Jessica Lam

The 8 Principles for Kids


Everyone is important


Everyone should be treated fairly and kindly


We accept each other and keep learning together


Everyone should be free to search for what is true and right in life


Everyone should have a vote about things that concern them


We must work towards a peaceful, fair and free world



We must care for planet Earth and all living things


We work to build a Beloved Community, free from racism