Children and Teens

Youth Religious Exploration at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami
A well-planned and unique Religious Exploration Program for children and teens is offered to our entire community:
Childcare, ages 0-3 
 Children’s Class, ages 4-11 
 Teen's Class, ages 12-17

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Youth RE 2022-2023 Programs!

WAVES & REEFS teaches pre-k to grade 5 children the skills of communing with all that is alive around us. Continuing to honor the interconnected web of existence, this curriculum focuses on the water ecosystems of South Florida, the ancestral home of the Tequesta and Calusa, and the lands of the Miccosukee and Seminole people. Our curriculum consultant and guest teacher, Betty Osceola, aids in our aspirations to become better stewards of our land.

Sunday morning explorations, are designed to be hands-on and inter-disciplinary. Often enjoyed outside on the five-acre campus of UUMiami, classes will explore multiple ways of knowing: through science, art, tradition, music and movement! 

Field learning experiences will provide whole family outings to help us know both the wild and historical parts of this corner of the world, hopefully developing our own sense of land stewardship shared from our indigenous neighbors.

  • Water Stories: Exploring Ancient Water Myths
  • Rock and Roll: Sediments of our South Florida Coast
  • Blue Boat Home: Marine Ecosystems
  • Conservation for Kids

ACTIVISM IN ACTION: Social Justice & Leadership for Teens is a curriculum for middle and high school youth that will include opportunities for service to the congregation, off-campus service learning projects and leadership workshops to promote the development of socially conscious young citizens.

Each Sunday, we affirm that love is the spirit of this faith and service is its prayer. UUMiami has a well-established history of working toward equity and justice in our community, and our young leaders have the chance to become a part of that meaningful legacy by learning about:

  • Our Social Justice Toolbox: how we use our voice & vote
  • Anti-racism movements
  • Gender equity & Feminist movements
  • LGBTQ+ Movements
  • Mental Health & Disability Justice
  • Addressing Poverty & Wealth Inequality
  • Environmental Justice & Land Stewardship
  • Leadership skills & team-building

Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations addressing social issues such as housing and food insecurity to further develop their leadership abilities and commitment to community service. For each unit completed, participants will be eligible for approximately 10 hours of community service. 


Learn more about our 2022-2023 curriculums | Waves & Reefs | Activism in Action

Regularly scheduled programming resumes Sunday, September 11th


A New Offering: Parents and Caregivers As Sexuality Educators

Scientifically-accurate and LGBTQ+-affirming education has been under attack in our state and even local community. We know that current events have likely compounded the challenges families typically navigate to discuss topics such as bodies, gender, sexuality and family diversity. As a liberal spiritual community, we affirm that all individuals of any gender, sexuality, ability, race or faith identity are whole, holy and good. Any family built on love is a family worth celebrating and protecting; therefore, we feel called to help empower adults to take a proactive role in educating their children on topics such as gender identity, relationships, social media, unintended pregnancy and consent. Join us for this series of interactive, 90-workshops facilitated by Carly Poloskey, DRE at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami.

Childcare provided by our credentialed childcare professionals, available starting 30 minutes prior to class. 

Fees: Suggested donation of $75 to offset the cost of childcare

Access the UUCM donation page at and note “Parent Class” as the memo

Sunday, October 9th 2pm-3:30pm Hopes and Concerns for Kids’ Sexual Health, Emerson Room

Sunday, October 23rd 2pm-3:30pm Communication: How Do We Talk about Sex?, Emerson Room

Sunday, November 20th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, December 18th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, January 15th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, February 12th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, March 12th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, April 16th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, May 7th 2pm-3:30pm
Sunday, June 11th 2pm-3:30pm
Note that the order of topics addressed in the Nov-June sessions remains TBD–the order topics are discussed will be determined by our group during the foundational first two sessions. Sessions 1 and 2 lay the groundwork for the healthy communication framework from which the rest flows, so these are mandatory to participate.
These workshops will meet in a hybrid+ format. That is to say, due to the nature of these conversations and the trust we’ll strive to cultivate with each other, it is most strongly encouraged that you attend in-person (in the Emerson Room). We will have childcare arranged to help make that more feasible. However, we recognize that this might only be accessible to some of our families if offered online, and we wouldn’t want to prevent their access to this wealth of information and sense of parent support network. So, participation will be available via Zoom. For our Zoom-ers, we do ask that they do their best to remain on camera, in a private location, to support our commitment to each other of creating an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality, to the extent that we are able.



Friday, September 23rd at 6:30pm- 8:30pm in the Sanctuary

Connect with community members young AND young-at-heart!

Bond over your favorite board games and bring a NUT-FREE dish to share. Let us know what you are bringing by clicking here.



Dear UUMiami families and friends, 

We have been excitedly preparing all summer for another fulfilling year of religious exploration programming. It is our continued work to create a welcoming, affirming community in which young and old can recharge, imagine, create and expand. The fourth principle in our living tradition honors our commitment to protecting a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and our efforts in the Religious Exploration program strive to cultivate a safe environment in which our littlest learners can seek out their truth. Whether through artistic expression, reveling in nature, pondering age-old stories or connecting with the wisdom of elders in our community, participants in our RE classes are provided varied opportunities to develop into kind, compassionate and socially conscious young adults. 

This year, both youth classes will be facilitated by me, a team of generous volunteers and invaluable input from our friend and Indigenous curriculum consultant, Betty Osceola. I’m looking forward to continuing our focus on South Florida Ecosystems in Waves & Reefs with our Children’s Class, exploring our 7th Principle by learning how to better take care of our Blue Boat Home. Likewise, I am thrilled launch Activism in Action: Social Justice and Leadership for Teens to support our adolescents in a survey of local social issues and workshops to provide them the tools to work for justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

We welcome all families in search of a nurturing, progressive faith community for their children. Honoring the latest science, we continue to exercise the utmost caution with regard to COVID-19 safety protocols on our campus. 

Inquiries of interest can be directed to


Carly Poloskey

The 8 Principles for Kids


Everyone is important


Everyone should be treated fairly and kindly


We accept each other and keep learning together


Everyone should be free to search for what is true and right in life


Everyone should have a vote about things that concern them


We must work towards a peaceful, fair and free world



We must care for planet Earth and all living things


We work to build a Beloved Community, free from racism