Reverend Tom Capo

Developmental Minister
Reverend Tom Capo joined us in August of 2019. He is a Developmental Minister, which means that his ministry will focus on specific goals that the congregation has identified:
  1. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami (UUMiami) to develop a mission, identity,   covenants and goals as a community.
  2. Reverend Tom Capo will provide spiritual leadership that ties UUMiami’s diverse theological   interests together and that re-invigorates spiritual nourishment and service for all.
  3. UUMiami to align itself with the Unitarian Universalist Association goals to address systemic   racism within the congregation.
  4. UUMiami to ascertain its capacity for volunteerism without burnout.
  5. UUMiami to understand and address why it is not a larger congregation despite being in a large   metropolitan area, and to help UUMiami ascertain what is holding it back.
To learn more about Reverend Tom you can go to his website or see his blog for past sermons .

Steve Snyder

Steve manages our facilities, including organizing setups for meetings and events. He plays an indispensable role in keeping our operations running smoothly and our facilities in tip-top shape.

Alexandra Colaizzi

Music Director
Alex joined us as Music Director in April, 2021. The Music Director leads Sunday Service Soul Singing and coordinates Special Music. In non-pandemic times, the Music Director facilitates choir rehearsals on Thursday evenings and directs the choir for Sunday Services. To learn more about Alex, you can go to

Joseph Talleda​

Joseph is our very accomplished pianist and accompanist for the choir.

Carly Poloskey

Director of Religious Explorations for Children & Youth
Carly, joining us in July 2021, aims to organize, implement and invigorate the religious exploration offerings for children and teens at UUCM. In addition to coordinating enriching and embodied learning activities for our youth, she facilitates our teen curriculum.