RE for Children & Youth

Spiritual Adventures [Ages 4-11] this Sunday:

Sitti’s Secrets [Islamic Faith]

Sharing the story of Mona who travels to visit her grandmother in a small Palestinian village. We learn about connections and the loving affirmation of the bonds that transcend language barriers and distance.


About Children Religious Exploration – Spiritual Adventures [Ages 4-11]

Utilizing Art, Music, Critical Thinking, Performance and Creative Movement we will learn and discover Sacred Places, Sacred Books, Stories and Important People. Through our Children Religious Exploration Program, we discuss world religions and discover wisdom from Christians, Jews, Muslims, Unitarian Universalists among other faiths and belief systems.


Building BIG Bridge [Ages 12-17]:

We will participate and integrate with the children activities as “BIGS & LITTLES” and learn about one another; Older teens will mentor and assist the younger kids in this month’s programming. Teens will also have the opportunity to break off into their own group and explore reasons to discuss world religions and discuss the topics and visits for the upcoming year.


Spiritual Adventures & Building BIG Bridges takes place in Room 2 and throughout our campus.


Oct 08 2023


11:00 am - 12:15 pm


Religious Exploration Building